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Game, set, tech.

Tennis training may have met it’s match when it comes to revolutionizing skill for every level of player.

Courtmatics, a startup founded by three long time fans of the sport of tennis, is launching pre-orders for their Smart Dampener, a smart tennis sensor, that provides real time analysis to 20 metrics of the tennis game. Courtmatics will provide feedback with an accuracy that prior to their launch has not been achieved.

The Courtmatics companion smartphone app provides users with personalized coaching tips based on their skill level and progression as well as video instructions on proper technique. Metrics tracked vary across all elements of the game, creating a compelling experience for all, from recreationally minded players to high-level athletes looking to gain extra edge.

Through tracking mechanisms within the smart dampener and data recordings on the app, players can perfect their game with performance based feedback. The Courtmatics app provides a session-by-session analysis of 20 metrics including: serve speed, serve types, racquet acceleration, wrist snap, sweet spot, follow through, racquet preparation, top spin and calories.

Courtmatics co-founders Andre Reznik, Bhanu Pisupati and Vadim Blank were looking for a product to help give athletes a competitive edge by providing instant data, smart coaching and detailed feedback on every aspect of their game. In 2013, they developed the idea for Courtmatics and through years of product development and testing the team has announced its launch.

“Tennis is a multi-faceted sport with a variety of components and techniques impacting overall skill,” explained co-founder and CEO Andre Reznik. “Through our approach to track all elements of the game our technology provides a unique experience for users looking for permanent improvement to their game, regardless of their current skill level.”

With Courtmatics’ Smart Dampener weighing in at only six grams, it serves as a direct replacement for a traditional racquet dampener. Even the most advanced players will not notice an effect on racquet weight and feel, all while the Smart Dampener’s technology works to track movements.

Pre-order for units will be available starting on November 29, 2017 for $99. Units will ship out as early as February of 2018.  For additional information visit Courtmatics.com.




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